Camp Virginovich is a satirical look at sex tourism, inspired by real events and characters. 

The story follows two high school nerds from Southern California who pay $4,000 each to lose their virginity at Sergio Caliente's Sex Camp in the Russian wilderness.  They join 28 other American geeks desperate to hook up with the 57 Russian girls arriving the next day.  The boys discover that the camp is a fraud (advertised to the girls as English Camp), and they are forced to find ways to get laid on their own. 

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The movie features up and coming American comedic actors and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian models.  To see a complete listing of cast and crew, visit the IMDB page by clicking on the button below.


Camp Virginovich has a run-time of two hours and was shot in HD 1080p 24fps.  The movie is in English and Russian (with subtitles).  The film is edited and available for international distribution.  Interested parties should contact the producer at